Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Ride

Left Friday, headed for the Houts compound in Knoxville. The weather was beautiful. Nothing better than a ride through the NC/TN mountains.

526 miles later, I was back at the storage unit unpacking the bike. The bike ran perfect, but I do have a leaking fork seal and primary gasket.


  1. JESUS!!!!! How many YEARS has that fork seal been leaking??? If you don't fix it soon your status as a FXR ally will be revoked!!!

  2. Just changed seals, fluid, and lowers in September 09. Although the lowers did come from a shady fellow out of Florida.
    I think it blew when I hit a big speed hump in a Knoxville neighbor hood at night. I,m not sure if I caught air over it, but I definatly bottomed out the suspension.

  3. Dude, I was standing on my back deck jealous as hell talking to you on the phone. Wish I could have taken the ride with you. But not in the gay way you're thinking of.