Monday, April 5, 2010

Roby's Greenway Killer

Roby has had this Peugeot in his basement for the last 10 years. He wanted something he could use with his son in a bike seat that would be safe. He threw it in the truck and brought it to Knoxville from New York.

Dave and I started on Saturday morning. Stripped it down, cleaned and repacked everything. Then started throwing it back together.
You don't see details like this on a modern bike. Peugeot emblem stamped into the forks. Picture does not do it justice.
New tires, bars, stem, brakes, and cables. Some tweaking and adjustments. She was ready for the road again.

Everybody dubbed her "The Greenway Killer!" Enjoy the ride Hank and Roby.
This was a fun little project, that I was happy to have a part in. Good Times.

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