Sunday, April 18, 2010

The list.

Lets see:
Kojack: Adjust carb on Dyna - DONE
Adjust carb on bagger - DONE
Assemble Springer - TO DO
Finish building Sportster chop - TO DO

Kevin: True front wheel Shovel ACO - DONE
HElp any way I can with Mini bikes and XL chop - TO DO

Big Mike: Finish Shovel starter - TO DO - In progress 4/19
Possible tune red chop - TO DO - DONE 4/19

Roadside: Mini bike motor - TO DO - Phone# Sent to Gear Head 4/20
Find FXRT bags - waiting on call

Bill: Adjust rear brake caliper - TO DO

Any thing I missed? I want to get most of this done before the Smokeout.

Finish secret bike.


  1. I think I know what might be wrong with the brake.

  2. Could it be the loose nut between the seat and the handlebars, Bill?