Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Food Lion Auto Fair

Was in town again. 
Pepper and I had been cooper up in the Casa De Moto for too long and decided to head on over.
If you've never been to the Auto Fair and you are into American sports cars, muscle cars, hot rods, rat rods, parts, signs, collectables, and all things greasy. Well then your missing out.
This four day event is held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway over four days and you will need all four days to see it all.
 Arriving at the speed way, we made our way up through the gates to the track. View from the stands gives you an idea of how huge this event really is. Don't forget to wear good walking shoes. You'll need them.
 These pictures don't do the show justice. There are cars and vendors all over the track, infield, walk ways, and in the field outside the track. We arrived at 10am, checked out the show non stop until 5pm and still didn't see half of what was there.
 My little 10 year old Cannon Power Shot has been acting up lately. So instead of getting to see pictures of Cobras, Mustangs, Vettes, and all the other rods that were there. You get to see the Scrambler I drooled over. MY camera worked long enough for me to get pics of two cars and that was it for the day. Maybe its time I start looking for a new camera.
At least I got a picture of this killer hauler. 

If you do go, I have to warn you and suggest a few things.
1. Water and soda are $5 at all the food vendors. Some parts vendor have water at their stands for a $1 or $2 donation so skip the food vendors and head to the swap meet area. 
2. Bring sun screen. Being the first event of the year for me I forgot, but my farmer tan is in full effect now. Even my big goofy hat didn't protect my neck. 
3. If your looking for parts, plan on being there at least two days. Three would be better. This thing is huge, you will do alot of walking, looking and talking with vendors and people. You just can't do it all in one day.
4. Bring a cart, back pack , or wagon to haul your newly acquired goodies around. Even a SU carb gets heavy after a few hours in the sun. A wagon or cart is a good way to bring a cooler with you beverage of choice.
5. Make sure you fuel lines are in good condition. We followed a Galaxy out of the parking lot. My truck is a diesel but for smoe reason I keep smelling gas. Not a rich running car, I smelled gas and a lot of it. About a half mile down the road the Galaxy cut out and started smoking under the hood. Yep it was on fire. I hope they got it put out before it totaled the car. No pictures from the fire. 
Fucking camera!

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