Sunday, April 7, 2013

Iron Lords Car Club Party

After a day of looking at all things auto and greasy, followed up by a steak dinner (my reward to Pepper for not bitching about looking at parts), how else would I end the day? Well, with a bash at the Iron Lords CC Garage. The guys in the club throw a great party with no attitudes allowed. It was a good thing we ate first before heading there. The BBQ was long gone by 7pm. They went through 90lbs of BBQ, 4lbs of Naner puddin, and an unknown amount of liquid refreshment in various forms.
 Music was supplied by the Straight 8's.
 As usual there were a ton of cool rods in full effect.
 Projects of every stage of build are there for visitors to check out. For some reason my camera wouldn't take a a picture of the black Buick gasser being built.
 I've said it before and I mean it. The guys from the Iron Lords CC are some really cool cats. No attitudes and are willing to talk to anyone about their rides. Even a dumb ass like me.
 My favorite Scout was there again. I still haven't met the owner of this thing. This time it was joined by a few more Internationals. Alex at my work is building a Scout. Maybe I can convince him to let me shoot it for the blog when finished.

Once again a big "THANKS", goes out to the Iron Lords CC for have a great party. 

I was able to dodge Miss Heather for the night. Rumor is she has a bone to pick with me about a dinner. Heather I just can't complete with Big Mikes cooking. I'm going through cook books looking for gourmet hot dog recipes. I will let you know as soon as I find one.
Dirty Ed 

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