Thursday, March 31, 2011

MArch ride 2011 Part 14

Joe came up fro Jupiter to hang with us. He also had a place to crash for Mike and I.
It was about 1am when we headed out to Chris's place. I knew we were out by the Cabbage Patch.
Then we hit the dirt roads. Left, right, right, left, I was fucking lost and tired.
In the morning I walked outside to smoke and there were horses every where.

As it turned out, Chris and his girl rescue these guys and give them a good home.

I almost pissed myself when I saw this on the trailer.

They even had ones in size small.

I guess they were hungry and wanted me to feed them.


Surfer girl and horse tack.

He had his blanket.

Sorry man, I don't have a sugar cube.
Chris is a tattooist. His girl is an ex-pro surfer, who is studying to be a fire fighter.
They rescue the horses as well.
I hope to go back here again.

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  1. Fucking A man, when Joe said he was going he didn't say anything about you being there. I had just gotten back from a trade show, so I wasn't sure about going, damn, now I wish I did.