Thursday, March 31, 2011

March ride 2011 Part 12

Woke up Thursday morning in Daytona and all these vultures were outside our window!

One here.

12 here.

2 more here. WTF?

The FXR in a sea of baggers.
These guys were afraid to go out in the rain.

Mike was a little freaked out by the baggers.
Rain or no rain, it was time to head out to Willies.


  1. Turkey vultures! They're everywhere down there. One morning out at Willie's house Jean and I counted 27 of them on their lawn.

  2. They were hanging around b/c of all the baggers. They knew a bunch of old farts were there and they'd have something dead to feed on soon.

    BTW, excellent job on the ride report Ed. Mike was going to do it, but 30 seconds into it his phone rang and he gave up.