Thursday, March 31, 2011

March ride 2011 the final chapter.

Mike and I bolted from Daytona Friday morning.
We had 500 miles of highway to cover. Twist the throttle and go!
It was a great trip and I enjoyed seeing and meeting everyone.

FXR at the last gas stop before making it home.

Now my final thought.

I spent a week riding with Mike, and saw Dave, Sherri, Louis, Matthew,
Ian, Joe, Tommy, Edge, Roadside, Willie, and John and Nancy (it had been 6 years since I last saw them).
I met Moe, Doug, Brew Dude, and more.
I still have to meet Chris and his girl, and Alvarez (saw ya, just didn't get to talk to ya.)
We encountered cold, rain, loose mirrors, a blown for seal, shitty traffic, good two lane back roads,
and more.
Life can get in the way of Life.
A mortgage, car payment, TV, Facebook, and crap we want, can stop us from doing what we need.
Spend time with friends, laugh, and have a good time.
You only get one shot, there are NO do overs.
Make it count.
It's not as hard as you think.

Dirty Ed out.

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  1. Great job Dirty Ed. Well spoken at the end too. The good times are out on the road and spending time with the good people. Sucks that we have to get older before we figure that out.