Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saturday Night.

Clean motor, but will it run? I cleaned the main and slow jets. We were surprised at how clean the carb looked. Accelerator pump is still not working and I will need to rebuild the carb in the near future.

We threw some fresh fuel in the now clean tank. Not really expecting much I hit the start button. She rotated over twice and fired up!! She purred like a kitten. NO clicks, clacks, knocks, or any other noises that we expected. FUCKING SAWEET!!!

Now the original plan was to put a Frisco'ed Sporty tank, solo seat, drag bars with high risers, bar mounted gauges, and a high mounted Thunderheader.

That changed slightly when I asked Kevin if he still had a fairing he picked up a few years ago at the All Harley Drags in Rockingham.
Oh yeah that sweet Live to Ride points cover is off the bike and in a ever growing pile of parts for e-bay.

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