Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday at the Pinehurst Concours d' Elegance

With the weather threatening to ruin the day, Pepper and I headed out towards Pinehurst, NC.
I had never been to a show like this before and was a looking forward to it.

 It is very evident that there is a lot of old money at this type of show. Wearing vans, jeans, and a DC Choppers long sleeve, I received a few stares from other patrons while riding the tram from the Polo Grounds to the Club House/Show Grounds.
With music flowing from speakers mounted in trees, we made our way to the show grounds. Greeting us was a 1960's Vintage Ferrari 275 LM.
I keep hearing other patrons asking about someone who is at the show. Is he a rock star? Who is the guy with the long hair? Is he some sort of celebrity? Is he a movie star? Look! There he is!
I look over where the guy in the suit is pointing. In skinny jeans, greasy boots, a flannel shirt, and a trucker hat covering his dread locks is Magnus Walker. Magnus Walker is the owner of Serious clothing and the focus of the short film Urban Outlaw. A Porsche collector, racer and builder of some slick 911's, Magnus has been on the rise in the Porsche community over the last year or so.
He is a 911 guru and with this being the 50th Anniversary of the 911, he has been asked to attend many of the Porsche events this year. I got a chance to talk to him for awhile. He's a nice guy who knows his 911's. He was surprised at the amount of cars that were at the show and how most of them were local. He is looking forward to attending this event next year and expects it to be even bigger.
With this being the 50th for the Porsche 911 and the 60th for the Corvette, both were heavily represented at Pinehurst.
Tom Cotter whose "In the Barn" Series I recommend to all, was there with his 1964 Corvette Stingray Race car which he still competes with on the track.
Tom was selling a his revised book on Holman Moody Race Team. I may have to get that one in the near future.
This 1970 Plymouth Superbird, took home the Chairmans Award.
 Rick Hendrick's 1968 Corvette L88. Listed as the most Victorious Corvette in history. This car set Mr. Hendricks back $1,100,000.00 when he purchased it at auction earlier this year. It sounds as good as it looks.
 This Rally Styled Porsche was one of my favorites of the show.
This 1936 Stout Scarab was really cool. The metal work and detail on this thing was incredible.

It started to drizzle while the class winners were announced. We decided to beat it before the sky's really opened up and the dash for cover happened.

A BIG "THANKS" goes out to Kara for the tickets and parking pass. Tickets for this thing were $40 to $50 each. I don't think we would have gone if not for Kara's gift.

Thanks to Magnus for taking the time to talk with us. Check him out at

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