Sunday, April 10, 2011

It was a Hot Rod weekend!

The good thing about real friends is that even if you haven't seen them in awhile,
when you do it's like you just saw them yesterday.
Kristen and I went over to Matt's for a cookout on Sunday.
Matt had just put a new motor in his 29.
Last minute carb adjustments.

Steve waiting to see if things are right this time.

View from the passenger side. It's fucking tight in this thing.
Carb was spot on. Hit the gas on hold on.

Matt's old motor found a new home.

In Levi's 51 Chevy.
More room in the '51. Although the Cool factor is higher in the '28.

Weather it's wrenchin' or riding/driving bikes, cars, or trucks.
Hanging out with good friends is good for the soul.

And yes I want a four wheel toy of my own to play with.
It's just not in the near future for me.
I'm good with that.
For now.

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