Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday Sweating!!

Back working on the '82 FXR. Clutches acted like they were stuck together so the outter primary had to come off.

Goodies inside. A five finger clutch hub, new fiber plates, and new steele plates! Just clean and go Right?

Not so fast! What made these marks?

Now I know why it's not charging. 5 calls later and the dealership has one in stock.

Saturday final tally = Clutches cleaned and reassembled. New rotor installed. Now charging. Rear fender on. Seat and sissy bar on. Tail light fixed. Both brake light switches work and running light. Regulator wire re-routed. Shes looking good.
I still need tires, wider handle bars, and a few other goodies.
I will be riding her soon.

1 comment:

  1. Still almost 3 wks. to SOE, you gonna make it? It'd be sweet to see that bike at Newton's Thursday night.