Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Florida work/play it's all the same.

I went to Florida to get a few errands completed before I head West this month. I saw the usual cast of characters while I was there. Mark was working at removing a generator from the engine room of a 54' Hatteras. I figured I would give him a hand while getting a chance to catch up.
 Arriving at the dock, I located the Hatteras called "TOP Shelf".
 View of my truck from the Tuna tower.
More fun from the tower.
 Mark had already removed the Stator and Armature from the generator. It was burnt up and useless.
Removing these parts first, removed a few hundred pounds from the generator.
 Her she is! A three cylinder, Cummins Diesel Generator. We made a table to slide her over and into position to be hoisted out. We made a ramp over the stairs to protect the teak from damage.
It was a tight fit and slow going.
 We finally got her on deck. We had removed the deck chair and placed a 7' piece of steel over the chair post. Then tied the post off to the aft deck cleats and used ratchet straps as back up support. A come a long provided the lifting power we needed. That engine looks small but is about 400 lbs. Dennis is ready for a smoke. He was stuck in the engine room until the the Cummins cleared the door.
Ready to be rebuilt.
Brad the owner showed up and brought lunch for us.
He and his wife seem like good people.

I hear there is a spy photo of Dennis and I on the Top Shelf Marine Products Face Book Page.
Check it out and their web site
I plan on getting a few Battle Wagon Buckets in black and white for my detailing kit.
Tell them Dirty Ed sent ya, not that they know who Dirty Ed is. 

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