Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recommended Reading!

Africa is one place I have always wanted to go.
I don't obsess over it. I don't have a huge collection of books on the subject.
I've never really studied it or its animals.
I just always wanted to go there.
Death in the Long Grass is the first book
I have ever read on the subject of Africa, or its animals.
From the chilling accounts of lion attacks, close calls with elephant and leopards,
to the giant caliber, hard hitting rifels.
I just could not put this book down!!!!!!!

First published in 1978. The arthor gives first hand accounts from his
20 plus years as a Safari Guide and PWH ( Professional White Hunter ) in Africa.
I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn what African animals are like
when they are not in a zoo or on a game reserve. Not for the squemish.
First book in a while that has me wanting more at the end.

Well that's my book report class.

I'm off to find "The Man Eaters of Tsavo" by J. H. Patterson
and more by Peter Hathaway Capstick.

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