Monday, July 6, 2009


Man, this sucks! Due to circumstances beyond my control I was almost homeless. I had to move out of my last place quickly. I was paying rent but the mortage was not getting paid. I found out and moved before the bank locked the door. Three months behind is too far behind for me to feel comfortable. My brother is letting me crash at his place until I find a house to buy. I might have found one. I will find out this week if it is worth putting a bid on it.

I am going crazy. It has only been a few weeks but I can't get to anything or get anything done. I need a FUCKING shop and now!!! I need to get my projects under one roof and get working on them. Right now I have two up and running, one to sell, three to get started on, 3 mini bike projects, and 1 more bike I am trying to get ahold of. 10 bikes in various forms waiting for me to do something with them.

Tools, parts, riding gear, stuff, shit, cool shit, and more. Waiting for me to get it the hell out of storage to sell, trade, clean, display or use it. SHOP!!! I need a SHOP!!!
I need a place to kick back, wrench, dream, shoot the shit, hide from the world, photgraph naked and half naked sluts then bang them. SHOP!!!

I am fed up with a lot of bullshit I have been dealing with lately. I can't wait to move. Shit is going to change. A few people are going to wonder where I went. I'm not telling. They drag me down so it is time to cut them loose. If you read this. Don't call and ask me if you are one. If you are you will find out soon enough. My real friends won't ask. They know what is up. They will be ready for the first party, the rest can rot!
Since my other computer is unavailable right now, I had to steal some pics. BMX, Chopper, Naked chicks, riding, and wrenching.
CONAN that is what is most important in life.
Kym Jane I have a roll of duct tape for you if you get to the east coast.
Judge out!


  1. Good Luck, let me know when the party is, we'll do our best to come up A.S.A.P.

  2. Hey Ed, If I'm one of those guys you can just kiss my ass. Ya big fag.